Application Implementation

Application information and basic application process can be obtained from this NAC Internet Site.

The Accreditation application shall be commenced by filling of;
“Application Form” related to CAB’s engagement area, Accreditation Services,
“Conformity Assessment Body Authorized Person Notification Form”,
“(FR001) Accreditation Contract” (two copies both signed),
and communicating these forms to NAC after they are signed by the person authorized for representation and signature for the organization.

Where the applied accreditation scope includes scope(s) subject to the consent of the scheme owner, the document indicating the necessary consents for the said scheme(s) shall be attached to the application. In such cases, where necessary, a protocol may be executed between the scheme owner and NAC on the respective responsibilities of parties for accreditation under the said scheme, or a document may be drawn up defining the functions of each party.
Note : Organizations shall also specify their virtual sites, if available, in other addresses section when filling in the application forms.

The applying CAB shall specify and clearly define the accreditation scope relevant to the application. Prior to making the accreditation application, CAB shall clearly specify the accreditation scope by obtaining support, when necessary, from the relevant Accreditation Department of NAC.

The documents to be submitted to our Agency for application are specified in detail in the forms of documents requested during application for the relevant accreditation area.