Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our non-profit organization, in accordance with the economic principles of the world, to work to solve the quality and accreditation problems in accordance with the requirements, conditions and possibilities of the day, is to show the necessary efforts to develop.

Considering the importance of accreditation, To examine the standards, norms, regulations and technical specifications related to accreditation, types of contracts and all other scientific documents, to change, develop, expand and create new ones.

To introduce the profession to the students studying in the branches of engineering, education, research, courses, internships, social activities and similar issues to benefit from the benefits of our non-profit organization. Examine the problems of engineering education and students about accreditation, offer solutions and make initiatives. To provide cooperation between universities and industrial organizations on accreditation and to organize activities on this subject.

Placing quality, accreditation and metrology awareness in world trade, encouraging quality, accreditation and metrology studies.


Working Areas of Our Nonprofit Organization:

  1. Establishing the quality and accreditation consciousness of all organizations, professionals, scientists and businessmen in order to continuously improve and improve the service quality of the products and services produced in the world and to provide the necessary technical support for this.
  2. Supporting studies in accordance with the quality and accreditation management approaches of public institutions and organizations and non-governmental organizations.
  1. In order to be able to use the quality and accreditation systems in the world in a widespread manner, to organize seminars, meetings, training and similar works in cooperation with related institutions and to manage the training and certification of quality and accreditation auditors provided that necessary permits are obtained.
  2. In order to encourage quality, accreditation and metrology studies and to make this continuous, transfer the opinions of experts, managers and businessmen to the relevant institutions.
  3. Establish and cooperate with institutions and organizations related to accreditation in international and regional accreditation and metrology associations and organizations, countries with no accreditation bodies and accreditation bodies.
  • Collaborate, send or withdraw representatives directly or through branches through domestic and foreign, private and government organizations, chambers of commerce and industry, professional organizations, associations and organizations.
  • In order to raise awareness on quality, accreditation and metrology in organizations offering products and services in the world, it is necessary to carry out joint promotional campaigns, organize competitions and give prizes together with relevant institutions at international level.
  1. To use the publication tools to conduct accreditation development activities, to organize meetings, courses, seminars, panels, congresses, to participate in fairs.
  2. To cooperate with universities and research organizations in order to support research and development activities on quality, accreditation and metrology systems and standards.